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Property Management

Piraiko Real Estate has included in its services, apart from all others, real estate management. Property management is an innovative facilitation program for owners who use their properties for financial exploitation.

Our office fully undertakes the management of your property with the main objective being your own interest and your convenience.

By assigning your property to be managed, we are able to take the following actions:

1. Finding a tenant that meets the terms and conditions that you will have set for us.

2. Collection of rent every month always on the date you will have set for us without delays.

3. Deposit of the rent to your own bank account or direct delivery of the amount to your place.

4. We undertake to find workshops to repair any damage to your property or repair when needed at the best market prices.

5. Full legal coverage from cooperating lawyers with our office specialized in real estate at a very low cost and most importantly with legal advice for any problem you face.

6. Full tax technical support from renowned accounting offices that will inform you immediately or any tax question you have regarding your lease.

7. Checking the condition of the property every month, signing lease or renewal contracts, rent increase agreements and informing you directly from our office.

We offer all the above services to you by keeping a small percentage of the rent and release you of the stress and problems you face with landlords or your property.

Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment and give you an update on the property management program.